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2023 Basket Raffle, Winners announced

Posted on Wednesday November 29, 2023

This year we have 34 Beautiful Baskets being Raffled off. Tickets are available at the Library during open hours for .50c each. Then you decided what baskets you want your tickets to go into. Last day to purchase tickets is December 22nd 2023 drawing will be December 23rd 2023.  Funds raised will be split between Library Programing and the Brick School Community Center. 

Thank you so so much to our wonderful Donators/Sponsors this year we could not do this without you! And a Special thank you to Helene for all she does volunteering to get the baskets ready <3 

Stone Circle Farm
Dawn Overlock/Sandra Overlock
Jim Sukeforth Bay Ridge Builders
Melissa Sukeforth
Roxie Wright
Annette Smith
Paula Horton
Helene Rondeau & Bev W
Amy Mank
Bennett Family
Caring & Sharing Sisters
Papa Jack’s
Pam Carey
Ward & Son Diesel Services
Paula & Pat Delahanty
Kathryn Dufour
Warren Bangor Savings Bank
The Tuesday Quilters
Elaine Moir
Linda Grant
Datrak Deirkrikovan-Water Lily Flowers and Gifts
Basket Name: Donated/Sponsored by: Winner!!
Oh Honey-Honey! Donated by: Stone Circle Farm Joan W.
Mother Clucker Donated by: Papa Jack’s Kristina O.
No place like Gnome! Donated by: Datrak,-Water Lily Flowers and Gifts Roger P.
Camp out! Sponsored by: Bay Ridge Builders Nancy A.
What a Crock! Sponsored by: Annette Smith Sandra O.
Crochet & Knit Yall! Sponsored by Annette Smith Lindsey D.
Crazy about Meow! Sponsored by: Caring & Sharing Sisters Jane B.
Cozy Up With a Book Donated by: Sara, & Book-Laurie Brooks Evans Betty B.
Game ON! Donated by: Amy Mank & Riley Sandra C.
Boredom Buster Donated by: Amy Mank & Riley Matt L.
*SNOW* Cute! Donated by: Paula Horton Susan B.
Brick-By-Brick Donated by: Bennett Family Maureen B.
Beach Please Donated by Sandra and Dawn Overlock Jennifer J.
Roll with it Donated by: Roxie Wright Melissa S.
For the Birds Sponsored by: Pam Carey Carolyn R.
Bug out Basket Donated by: Bennett Family Linda M.
Are you Ready to Shuffle! Donated by: Warren Bangor Savings Bank Amanda S.
Green with Envy Sponsored by: Melissa Sukeforth Barbara R.
Coffee is life Donated by: Helene Rondeau & Bev Williamson John T.
Nailed it! Donated by: Paula & Pat Delahanty Kathleen S.
Film Fanatic Donated by: Dawn Overlock Jim S.
Snow Day! Donated by: Monroe/Malburg Families Linda G.
We Go together Donated by: Helene Rondeau Annette S.
Keeping it Farm Local #1 Donated by: Helene Rondeau Kathryn D.
Keeping it Farm Local #2 Donated by: Helene Rondeau Amanda O.
Berry-Berry Good! Donated by: The Tuesday Quilters Brandy G.
Stay Home Donated by: Kathryn Dufour Jason T.
Winter Wonderland Centerpiece Donated by: Paula Horton Nola S.
Lovley Lavender Donated by: Paula Horton Joline M.
Winter Car Kit Donated by: Elaine Moir Susan B.
Self-Care-Spa night Donated by: Linda Grant Ann B.
What a dish 😉 Donated by: Dragon’s Breath Pottery Erica C.
MMMMMMMMaple Donated by: Jan Macdonald Pam C.
Winner-Winner Sponsored by: Bay Ridge Builders Nancy B.
OMG Becky Look at that Undercoating! Donated by: Ward & Son Diesel Services Shelby G.
Scratch your heart out Donated by: Ward & Son Diesel Services Melanie L.

We had 36 Baskets this year, 162 people purchase tickets and we raised $2,354.

Money raised will be split between Library Programing and the Old Brick School Community Center